14 May 2017

Intermediate Comparison

I did that comparison with the post-war rifle rounds in GURPS stats and thought that I should talk about the rounds some more.

Left to right in chronological order:

7.62x54mmR; 1891.  The oldest regularly issued service round still in service!
7.62x39mm; 1944.
7.62x51mm NATO; 1954.
5.56x45mm M193; 1963.
5.45x39mm; 1974.
5.56x45mm NATO M855; 1977 for NATO, 1984 for M855.
6.8x43mm Remington Special Purpose Cartridge; 2002.  The only round here not adopted as the standard rifle cartridge.

I was going to chide the Soviets for it taking two attempts to get at their final intermediate round, but then I realized we took two tries as well; we just kept the same case.

The Russian / Soviet rounds:

The US / NATO rounds:


  1. Typo alert! SHould be 7.62x39mm.

    1. Iz 7.62 Soviet Ultra Short!

    2. Yeah, wouldn't be much room for powder considering a primer is over 1mm thick, and the bullet would need at least a little case mouth to seat in...


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