14 May 2017


Ian's series on what becomes the L85A1 rifle reminds me of a time where I had a character who carried one.

It was some kind of post apocalypse world where the UN had lots of troops in the USA, so I made a British soldier who carried the issue British gun.

The GM and I coordinated with my character creation to hand one of our struggling characters a win.  Because I was the GM most of the time, and take on force of nature aspects sometimes at the gaming table, many players were afraid to confront or oppose me.

So I made this British dude a raving anti-semite so everyone would be OK with hating him and then acting against him when they could.

Our struggling player with low confidence needed a win against Thag because he kept getting nailed in my worlds from making silly, if not stupid, errors that kept getting him killed.

Our mission was to raid a college library for engineering and chemistry books to help rebuild our society.

My character made a bee line to the religion section and started a bonfire.  Our struggler was steered into discovering my fire and led to confront me.

And he needed the whole rest of the party to arrest me.  Not to roll the physical confrontation, but to tell him what to do, what to say and how to say it.

Then, at my character's trial, I had to make an ad hoc character to play the prosecutor so that I could ask our struggler the right questions to get the right answers to send my British hate-monger to the gallows.

This one of many such scenarios we contrived to get him past the wall he was hitting so that he could become an equal at the table.

There was a lot of potential there, and he never quite lived up to it.  He self sabotaged a lot.

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