26 May 2017

Base 30 Perhaps?

Remember our experiment?

5-10 business days is 30 business days in Botachland.  They called yesterday saying they were ready to process the order.

You might notice that I posted pictures of the M9 Horse and Cavalry Pistol we'd gotten instead of the backorder from Botach way back on May 10th.

We gave up on Botach on May 8, which would have been business day 17 of "five to ten".  On business day 19 we'd gotten the pistols from Ed's Public Safety.

It's been said, over and over, that things are either fine with Botach, or they're as messed up as they can get from Botach.

That said, we'd have happily waited the 30 business days if there'd be ANY form of communication from them indicating that the wait would be longer than their last communication indicated it would be.

They did not respond to phone calls, emails or messages in their embedded ordering system.

Complete silence.

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