14 May 2017

AK Day

I verified that the BelOMO PK-01VS retains its zero even after being removed and reattached.

It's been off and on several times during coon-fingering since I first zeroed it.

Marv zeroed his BelOMO PO3.5x21P.  2.3 lb. of glass and aluminum with a 5.45x39mm bullet drop compensator.  He confirmed that his scope retains its zero from being removed and reinstalled as well.  We hit a snag on that, how long are you supposed to leave it off before putting it back on?  What's the milspec on that?

He's kind of going sniper/RPK here.

He's "discovered" that the folding stock can be used as a ghetto corner-shot!

Speaking of ghetto...

Side mounted bipod!

We also noticed a distinct lack of Combloc content on our AK's.  PSA claims all US make on their parts.  Magpul is in Wyoming.  Our scopes are from Belarus, and the ammo is Tula from Russia.  Marv's bipod is Champion brand and that might be made in China, we don't remember what the box said.

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