15 May 2012

Bad Review

I read Penny Arcade.

Recently one of the authors posted what he thought of China Miéville's work.

I had never heard of him so I checked out the Wiki.

When the wiki page talks more about your politics than your work as an author; I think we know what's important to you.

That's why I will not be paying for Mr Miéville's works.  If you choose to be a fucking socialist, you choose to receive not one guilder of my precious lucre.  So, Mr Marxist Intellectual, you should be pleased that I will be looking for your works online for free.  From ability to need don'tcha know.

No money to socialism!

Their hands are too damn bloody to trust with it.

Especially never trust an avowed socialist who is SELLING something.


  1. The greater complaint about Mieville's work is that it's boring, poorly plotted, and the characters are not at all engaging

  2. Good thing I am not paying for it, huh?

  3. On the flip side, apparently Eric Flint is a Trotskyite, but I love his stuff.

    Having said that, I have no interest in reading Mr. Miéville's work.

  4. Always interesting when Marxists engage in open capitalism.

    I love Stephen King (well OK, King is a compulsive writer who produces as much abject garbage as he produces amazing art....I love his Amazing Art) and King is a big Marxist lover of "The 99%". Yet he sells his books through big publishing houses. He sells the rights to his books to people who will pay him well, and not really mind when they totally miss the point of his story, or vastly change the concept.

    Hey But Capitalism is bad, and we should tax the rich more. Of course he doesn't write a check to the IRS. Why? Because he wants ME to be taxed more while he runs tax shelters and foundations to insulate himself.

    Nice! Of course Marxism is ALWAYS about greet and hatred hidden under a smug little shroud of altruism.


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