19 May 2012

Why Don't WE Riot?

A soldier whose car had broken down was walking back to post through a relatively affluent neighborhood of Tampa.

He was attacked by four men, two wearing hoodies.

Two people have been arrested for the crime, both are black.

Using Trayvon logic, the only motivation for this attack was racism and thus we should demand the immediate executions of the two people arrested.

Except they could have arrested the wrong people...

While this whole mess with Zimmerman has played out I've talked to my friends and many other people about how the white people don't riot and threaten and posture when something like the soldier being attacked happens.

The most brazen, shocking, line uttered so far, "white people are expected to be civilized."

I immediately said, "But... uh."

Is it really as simple as all that?  Is the behavior of the race baiting instigators of violence because we don't demand they behave in a civilized manner?  Is it that we believe deep down that they can't?

Wow, that's a depressing thought, isn't it?  It's even sadder if it's true.

If it's true then blacks really will never be better than second class citizens.  Special laws will have to be made to account for it.  If it's true then they really aren't equal and they aren't really people or true citizens.

It means the Klan got something right.

But I think the truth lies in expectations.  We never expected them to be equal to us so we've never demanded it from them.  They don't compete on merit for many jobs.  We excuse the most barbaric behavior on the basis of what may have happened to their ancestors.  It's a subtle form of racism and I think we'd be well advised to discard it.

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  1. There's a lot of anger building up, albeit the mainstream media does its best to keep it out of sight. A lot of people are getting good and fed up with endless black demands, endless black racism, and endless excuses made for black bad behavior.

    Sooner or later, the generation that remembers Selma and MLK will be out of power, and I think that there's going to be a lot of payback a-comin'. Payback for "affirmative action" that turned instantly into a quota system despite Humphrey's solemn promise that no such thing was intended. Payback for endless riots---the Rodney King riots across the country (and, I am told, even in Canada!), the riots that were threatened if OJ Simpson went away for his double murder, the riots that are threatened if Zimmerman walks. Payback for decades of welfare producing a _sub-_culture where you have women who're mothers at 12 and grandmothers at 26, with no man in sight other than "boyfriends." Payback for endless crime. Payback for endless excuses made for black criminals.

    A lot of "geto boyz" tend to forget that they are, at best, outnumbered 8-to-1, and are a people of the deep inner city...and that food doesn't magically appear at Safeway when they want it, particularly if they've burnt half the city down.

    As far as I am concerned, they can lie in the bed they made.


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