21 May 2012

GURPS 4e New Characters!

All are 150 points.  Most are intended to be used in a "nexus" world where the character is transported from their native world and end up on another.

Sergent Chef Karl Herrmann.  Anthropomorphic wolf.  Former SS Totenkopfverbände Oberscharführer who's escaped to the French Foreign Legion and ended up in Vietnam.  MAS-49 rifle.

Command Sergeant Major Giuseppe Macinino.  Human.  An Italian immigrant to America who joined the Army for World War 2 and stayed in for the Korean War.  M2 Carbine, .38 Super 1911.

Robert Jenkins.  Rattlesnake chimera.  Born in the US under the mana-fall in the Technomancer universe.  Drafted into the Army, but subsequently volunteered for combat with the 101st Spellborne Division since they were taking relatively unskilled troops.  Two tours with 2/506 Infantry.  After getting out of the Army he decided the racism against chimera was not worth returning to, so he became a mercenary in Rhodesia.  It's 1974 and because of combat experienced, magic using ex-pat American mercs, history is not going the same way as in our world.  FN FAL-Para 50.61, Browning HP.35.

Oberleutnant Ritter Bruno Von Tiegenhegen.  Human.  An Uhlan cavalryman on the eastern front of the Great War.  That silly all steel lance, Kar.98AZ, Luger P.08.

Gregory Randall Hurst (no relation).  Human.  A jade prospector in 1921 South America.  Because of his name and profession people often assume his name is spelled Hearst, but he's not related and is too honest to take advantage of the mistake.  Winchester 92 (.44-40), Remington 1875 (.44-40).

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