01 May 2012

Glock Imperfection

I own a Glock 21 2nd gen and I've owned three different Glock 17's (two 1st gen and one 2nd) over the years.  The first two left to generate cash to pay the bills, the last when I decided that I had too many calibers in the safe.

I rather like Glocks except for one teensy little thing.  I don't like having to pull the trigger in order to take them apart.  Remove source of ammo, check chamber, pull trigger, take apart.  It seems that taking a Glock apart is a walking talking four-rules violation.  Rule #3 to be precise.  It led to my negligent discharge.  My fault.  What I did was "remove source of ammo, oh shiny! BANG, whut?"  Good thing I pointed it at the nice wall and the drywall-block construction can stop .45 Gold-Dot.

I simply don't like the idea.

Still, it was my fault for not checking the chamber.

I also dislike magazine safeties.  My collection of .25's has brought me several examples of this bad plan.

The Vest Pocket's not only have the requirement that I drop the striker to disassemble but also add the requirement to have a magazine in the well to do so.  Remove source of ammo, check chamber, REINTRODUCE SOURCE OF AMMO, pull trigger, take apart.  What could go wrong?

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