02 May 2012

I Wanna Drink The Kool-Aid!

But...  I am thoroughly vested in .45 ACP.  I don't own any 9mm or .40 S&W guns so getting an M&P would mean an M&P45 if I don't want to add a caliber.

Here's the rub.

Glock Model 21, which I already own, 13+1 rounds.
Springfield XD45, 13+1 rounds.
S&W M&P45, 10+1 rounds.

Hey, Smith and Wesson, that there federal assault weapon ban done sunsetted like eight years ago, it's OK to make pistols that take more shots now.  Which they most certainly do in other calibers.

One option would be .357 SIG which I already stock because that's The Lovely Harvey's chosen self defense round.  The problem with this one is the very real chance of losing the gun to her!


  1. I think S&W's argument is:

    -There is still an AWB in Mass and several other states.

    -The grip size on the .45 is similar to the smaller M&P guns which keeps the gun from being too large for small-handed shooters, who often can't run .45 Glocks or XD .45s.

  2. I live in the USA so export restrictions don't (or shouldn't) affect me.

    I can see that if the magazine is narrower then the rounds have to stack taller. I really should go see one in person.


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