01 May 2012


One thing I have not seen put forth about electric cars and why certain government persons like them so much.


If the farthest from the charger I can be is 50 miles, it sure limits the radius needed to find me.

Simply put I will never be too far from where I started.  If I cannot just hop in the car and be 1,600 miles away in about a day they have a much smaller circle to search should they decide to round me up.

It suits them that I be confined to a smaller radius without checking in with some sort of tracking agency.  I'm willing to bet that an intermediate step will be requiring some sort of ID or check in to purchase gas.  And it will be our own rhetoric that hangs us with that because we're the ones who've talking about how dangerous gasoline can be in the wrong hands and how felons can buy as much as they'd like.

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