18 May 2012

Nothing much to say: Check.
Declining readership: Check.

Stick a fork in it, this blog might be done.

Not an official giving up than a defacto.

The muse may yet strike and I'll fire off ten posts tomorrow.


  1. It probably doesn't help that in order to read this blog, one must first bypass the "Are you sure? This might have adult material" filter on it.

  2. That is there because Blogger has shut down blogs for harsh language. Didn't warn the children, don't you know.

    Gods forbid I say "nigger" or show a bare breast without warning someone it could happen first!

    With the "are you sure" screen Google shit cans all complaints about content that aren't legally actionable.

    If I had the funds and know-how to make my own domain and run a server I'd leave blogger and do it myself, with no warning about content at all. Alas, I am using their stuff, for free, so I have to jump through a hoop or two.

    The disclaimer has been there since day one. Readership was steadily growing, and I think the decline has much more to do with my writer's block than it being hard to get here.

  3. Any idea what the majority of the readers are interested in?


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