02 May 2012

Preferential Hiring

Are white men superior to people who are not?

They must be.

Because if you are not a white man you receive preferential treatment in hiring.  To make you more competitive I assume.  So that you can get a job at all in the face of the obvious superiority of the virile master race.

Or are people just people and individual merit what matters?

What message are we sending with racial and gender based hiring practices?

We do not ask people in wheel chairs to negotiate stairs.  In fact we require that elevators be installed to aid them.

What we don't do is demand that everyone else take the stairs!

What racial and gender preferences do is create an elevator for the minorities and woman and demand everyone else take the stairs.

If you are black, hispanic, female, or any other minority getting the special lift you should be offended as all hell here.

It's literally saying you cannot compete without handicapping the white men.

It's not an equal opportunity, it's discriminating against the white men.

Do you NEED it?  Because if you do need it, then you are not equal.  If you don't need it, why are you accepting the condescension?  It's literally, "There there, Sambo, you don't be worrying about those stairs, we've installed a nice elevator for you.  I'll take the stairs because I know you can't.  Not your fault, of course, it's just your kind never was any good with stairs."



  1. I'm grateful not to be a male of any color. You have no rights.

  2. You are much better at wording this than I am.

    I am honestly surprised that minorities refuse to think this way. It's almost like they are selling their souls to the devil just to get help that doesn't even do anything for them in the long run.


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