30 May 2012

Novel Argument

Keeping abortion legal may be good because there are people we don't want breeding and this is the only chance to keep them from it.

They sure as hell aren't going to stop having unprotected sex.

Of course, I am unconventional about this issue on many fronts.

Yes, you have every right to have a child, but if you expect me to pay for it, I get to set some terms and conditions.  If you don't like the terms you can go without the money, as is your right.  This applies to both welfare and child support.

It took two to tango.  That means both parents are responsible.  Equally responsible.

I dislike the current paradigm where the woman is the sole arbiter of whether a child is born or not.  This gives her the power to force a man to become a father, and financially ruin him for it.  Ladies, if you want us to be responsible we have to have rights too.  No rights, no responsibilities.  No responsibility, no rights.

Again, if I am paying for it, I get a say, I can set terms.  If you don't like those terms, then by all means go it by yourself.


  1. Reproductive rights for men???? You have GOT to be kidding!


  2. Hell not just for me, also for taxpayers!

    I'm firmly in the camp that if we're supporting one, you don't have another while we're supporting you. That means forced birth control. If you don't want that birth control, you are free to refuse the money too.

    I also think that financial inability to support the children you've chosen to have is a form of child abuse.

  3. Many (most?) of the people that have them are the ones we don't want reproducing anyways, so I'm okay with it.

    I also think it's bullshit that men don't have a say in the process.


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