12 May 2012

The Problem

I think we've already lost.  Our great grandparents didn't shoot the bastards and now it's too late.

Just look at guns.

Although we've made great progress in getting the worm turned, look how long it took.

From 1934 to 1994 it was all one direction.  In the next 18 years we've managed to repeal what?  Will it take until 2054 to get it rolled back?  Very likely, and if we stop putting pressure on for even a second we will lose all that we've gained.

Just look at the circus surrounding stand your ground.

As long as the gun issue is an issue where one party is for gun control and the other is sometimes for it; we're boned.  We cannot give corrective nudges to the sometimes party by voting for the other guy without screwing ourselves.

Which sorta happened in 2006 and 2008; didn't it?

I can see it happening again this year.

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