27 May 2012

Cold Hearted Racing Rant

I am viscerally opposed to hobbling race cars to make them run slower for safety reasons.

Did you know that the throttle pedal in a race car is not a binary control?  It is not off and on, it is infinitely variable.

Even if it was binary, the driver is still controlling it.  They can slow themselves down to the safe cornering speed and thus save their own life.  If they do not, they can be seriously injured or killed.  Their actions could seriously injure of kill their fellow contestants as well.

Give it a couple of seasons and we'd have all the people who won't lift weeded out of the gene pool and racing may resume.

1 comment:

  1. Worse, hobbling race cars means more cars in the pack fighting to get ahead, and more crashes.

    More crashes, more injury and death!

    Good job safty nazis!


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