09 May 2012

The Post Below This One

It might read like my inner bigot got into the driver's seat there.

Not really.

The thing about our bent buddies comes from being straight, having several gay friends and really not being involved in the identity politics surrounding homosexuality.

Basically, I am outside the conflict and can see the patterns from a distance that those actively involved cannot.  I really don't have a dog in the fight except for either side forcing me to do things.

I simple want to be left alone and to be allowed to judge my fellow man by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin, sexual practices or wardrobe choices.

For example, on gay marriage: show me where in the federal constitution that the power to govern and regulate marriage comes from.  I cannot find it without extending into some penumbras that essentially make having a written constitution meaningless.

My racial issues stem far more from very visible, very vocal enclaves who demand all of the rights of being Americans without any of the responsibilities.  This ties in with my demand that everyone who lives here joins the culture.  These enclaves of "subculture" offend me and they are actively and deliberately being offensive.  Assimilate or have your little enclave be made into a reservation is my position.

I don't like parasites.  Vast sums of money and effort are expended on people who will never show a return on the investment.  While there seems to be a correlation with the enclaves mentioned above, there's also plenty who share my skin tone suckling on the teat.

I don't care what color my fellow Americans are.  I don't care what my fellow Americans do in their bedrooms.  Rather, I don't want to care.  STOP FORCING ME TO!


  1. At this point the Government Authority on Marriage is 100% in the tax code.

    My wife and I were taxed differently when we were living together and engaged than when we jumped the old broom.

    So the solution is to lay off the IRS.

  2. Speaking of constitution nullifying penumbras...


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