03 May 2012

Blaming The Wrong People


I have been cut off many times.  I have never had an accident from it.

Could it be the deceased was simply a shitty driver?  I'd believe it.

I'd also believe their driving is why they were cut off.  I am willing to bet that the deceased matched speeds with someone in the lane to their right leaving just barely a car-length gap.  I am willing to bet that the car in the right lane was going under the speed limit.  I am willing to bet that the person who "cut them off" was attempting to use that gap to pass them.  I am also willing to bet that when they noticed they were being passed they accelerated to close that gap to prevent it.

Why am I willing to bet that way?  Because I've watched it happen several times each trip I take on I4.  The thing we should be harping on; is that if you're going the same speed as the person in the other lane, get in that lane with them.

There's a common fallacy that knowing how to make the vehicle move and having a license means you know how to drive.

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