08 May 2012

Oooooh! Oooooh! I Know This One!

Cheryl Borman wants to make it mandatory that women wear an abaya in the courtroom so that her clients don't see them otherwise and therefore sin.

I have a suggestion.

If you'd kept to yourselves in your backwater medieval theocracy instead of taking out your angst about the rich guys getting all the good looking goats on the World Trade Center and or shooting at Marines when they come by for a visit you would not be in a position to sin by seeing our immodestly clad women.

If I were a woman and involved with the prosecution side I think I would be calling up a vendor of push-up bras and "forgetting" to button a few buttons.  And buying a couple of size too small outfits.  You might get a contempt charge or get sent home to change, but next to sending the defendants to Hell whether they win their case or not?  Priceless.

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