24 May 2012


Expanding on something Roberta X posted about.

Our manned vehicles were all made by the same companies that made commonplace airplanes.

Sometimes more than one company built the stack.

The Mercury capsule was made by McDonnell Douglas.  The Redstone booster was made by Chrysler, the Atlas-D by Convair.

The Gemini capsule was also manufactured by McDonnell Douglas.  The Titan II GLV booster was made by Martin.

Apollo was made by North American.  The LEM was made by Grumman.  The Saturn IB stack was made by Chrysler.  The Saturn IVB (third stage of the Saturn V) was made by Douglas.  The Saturn IC first stage was made by Boeing, the second stage Saturn II by North American.

The Shuttle was made by Rockwell International.  The external tank by Lockeed-Martin.  The Solid boosters, and the first non-airplane company on the list were made by Thiokol.

So, yes, I'd feel safe in a commercially built rocket.

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