29 November 2014

Go Go Black Friday

I have procured a replacement for the stolen M&P 357.

An M&P 9!

It's a 2008 made full size.  No internal lock, no external safety, forgot to check for the magazine disconnect.

We were going to look for ammo and the price was too good to pass up.

$425 on the tag, but 20% off all used guns Friday only... $340 plus tax and background check!

It gets better.  It appears to be nearly unfired, nothing missing from inside the factory hard-case.

The only snag is that we can't pick it up until the stupid 30 day hold on used guns expires.

Stupid policy, if you ask me, but...  Actually I am not sure if it's store policy or some foolish county ordnance.

That's a dent in the finances, but we expect some return from the car insurance for the stolen gun as soon as we get a police report to send in to make a claim.


  1. Outstanding deal; kinda jelly. ;)

  2. "plus tax and background check"

    They charge for the background check? When I do a background check, I don't charge extra. I figure it's part of the service. It's 3 or 4 minutes on the phone.

    1. Robert Fowler,

      Florida, like TN, is a "Point Of Contact" state, in which the FFL contacts a state agency. (http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/nics/poc) The state agencies usually charge for this. In Tennessee, TBI invoiced us every month, $8 per TICS check.

  3. In Oregon the checks are done through the State Police, and they charge $10 to do the check.

    Usually the dealer passes the "mother may I" tax on to the customer.

    1. Considering that there's about ~$50 markup in a new Glock, eating the $10 is not a recipe for staying in business.

  4. If you do have the magazine disconnect, it's fairly easy to remove.

    1. The only gun I've had where a disconnect was actually hard to remove was my Colt 1908 Vest Pocket and that was more from having no guidance to take it out and being very careful not to break anything.

      And I removed it just to get a comparison between having it in and out on the trigger pull. For the record, it made no difference.

      I dimly recall there being many videos on youtube detailing the process of removal for the M&P. Marv reminds me that the "pull the trigger" take down trick probably doesn't work if there's a disconnect in place.


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