18 November 2014

Stoner 63A GURPS And Too Much Idle Time

The stoner system is modular, but nobody really breaks out the components.

Here we go!

Loaded aluminum 30-round magazine is 1.08 lb.  0.25 lb. empty.
Loaded steel 30-round magazine is 1.28 lb. 0.50 lb. empty.
Loaded plastic 100-round box is 3.31 lb.  0.21 lb. empty.
Loaded aluminum 150-round drum is 5.6 lb. 0.9 lb empty.  This is what makes the malf 16.

Sling is 0.31 lb.
Bipod is 0.88 lb. (SEALs in Vietnam says they are 0.5 lb.)
Tripod adaptor is 1.875 lb.
Cleaning kit is 0.25 lb.

Fixed stock is 0.7 lb.
Folding stock is 0.75 lb.

Receiver with bottom magazine feed is 5.05 lb.
Receiver with top magazine feed is 5.92 lb.
Receiver with belt feed and box holder is 6.98 lb.

20" rifle barrel is 2 lb.
15.7" carbine barrel is 1.75 lb.
20" automatic rifle barrel is 4 lb.
20" MG barrel is 4 lb.
15.7" Commando MG barrel is 3.4 lb.

I extrapolated the feed/receiver weights from the manuals; same with the folding stock.  I am not sure if that's the solid or wire version.  Other weights are as taken from several manuals.

This gives the actually issued guns...  No slings or cleaning kits.

XM207 LMG: 18.11 lb. loaded with bipod.  SEALs in Vietnam says it should be 17.2 lb.

XM23 Carbine: 8.83 lb. with a steel magazine, 8.58 lb. with aluminum.  SiV says 9.1 lb.

Mk 23 Mod 0: 14.39 lb. without bipod.  SiV says 14.1 lb.

20" barrels will give 5d pi damage and 500/2,300 ranges.
15.7" barrels will give 4d+2 pi damage and 460/2,900 ranges.


  1. I was running into that problem with Metro Weapons, for things such as the price of a spare barrel for whatever gun. I ultimately went with the vast majority of the cost being from the finishing work to put the throat in, and the details that allow it to mount to the gun, with actual length being mostly separate from price. Still going to have to work that out when someone inevitably wants to keep their gun and just switch the barrel, but I'll deal with that when I get there (which will be sometime after the game actually starts)

    The ever-present GURPS problem, too much detail and insufficient detail all in one.

  2. Rifling is nearly all the labor cost on a barrel. The chamber and leade are a single easy operation. When in doubt, I grab real world and extrapolate. For instance, there's no much price difference in price between a 16" and 20" AR barrel.

  3. Replies
    1. It does make sense. Left side belt feed with the ejection port below and inside the feed path. Case comes out, hits the feed chute, spins back into the ejection port, jams gun. Hilarity ensues!


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