21 November 2014

Practice What I Carry

I pocket carry a J-frame.

It's a .357 S&W 640-3.

With pink grips!

That'n in fact.

I admit I was loathe to practice with it at all before I put in the Apex trigger kit (On the recommendation of the lovely Jennifer's Head.)

That made the trigger pleasant enough that shooting it wasn't a chore.  The pink Hogue grips also made it so that shooting it wasn't painful.  Deflagging it made it so that I wasn't worried about it locking up when I needed it.

It's just never occurred to me to not use the same loads in practice as carry.  I'm still a hot mess reloading quickly, mostly because very few ranges around here allow for it during "free range".

I am getting a lot better.  If I "aim" as fast as I can at the head I am making a nice group (5") right around the sternum at about 7 yards.  Which is a lot better than it was, where if two bullets hit the silhouette I was good...  Every time I run through 50 rounds the holes are getting closer to where I think I aimed.

Taking my time I can almost get all five to touch.  Time I almost certainly won't have in a real situation, maybe.  Opinion varies.  I do notice that every 50 rounds of practice slow and sure has a noticeable positive effect on the speed round too.

It's like my old shotokan and kenjutsu classes are still applicable...  Master the form, once you have form, speed follows, once you have speed, power follows; but it starts with form.

I practice with my .38 Super 1911 too, but that thing is so familiar and sweet that I have to sabotage something to get bad groups and even then they're not very large or off.

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