24 November 2014

Have You Seen This Gun

Smith and Wesson M&P357 serial DXW5180.

Stolen from The Lovely Harvey's glovebox between 0130 and 0630 this morning.

Because she works on a college campus, she can't carry at work, so it gets transferred from purse to glovebox and back a lot.  With the hectic short work week and end-of-month crap she had about six times as much stuff to shuffle when she got home from work Friday and it was overlooked in the glovebox.

They took her iPod as well.

The car was locked, but it appears that The Boy may not have gotten his door latched all the way when they got home from running around Saturday.  No damage to the car and not one print to be lifted.

Fucking thieves, may they burn in hell.


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  3. Another Casualty of "Gun Free Zones". There have been times when I've locked guns in my car, and I hate it EVERY time, because as "Locked" as it is, it is essentially a glass box.

    Condolences to Harvey, it sucks having shit ripped off, and it sucks more knowing a degenerate was pawing through your shit.

    Back in Maine I got into my truck one morning and found the change well was empty. Wasn't more than a few bucks, I could have cared less, but that meant some asshole had gone into my truck IN MY DRIVEWAY, while I was sleeping. That part just bothers me.


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