22 November 2014

Important Disassembly Tip!

If you ever decide to take the stocks off your Baby Browning...

If the small pin at the heel starts moving with the stock, stop pulling!

That pin holds the magazine catch, magazine safety and the associated spring.

Getting everything lined back up for reassembly is a super fiddly job.

But should it happen to you...

The spring goes in first with the open part of the hook facing the magazine well and the main coil going into the recess in the butt.

The magazine catch has to go over the end of the gun first, if you line up the pivot hole first you can't get it all the way in.  So hook it over the end of the butt, then push the pivot hole to line up with the pin hole.

This is harder than it sounds.

I used a 1/16" punch to line things up roughly.

Now that the catch is lined up with your punch, slide the pin in so it engages JUST one side of the magazine catch.

The magazine safety has a notch on the top that hooks the sear pin.  Hook it then pivot it down between the legs of the magazine catch.  The half circle's open side should be towards the magazine well.

Fiddle with it until you can drive the pin through all the parts.

See also this handy picture at Numrich.

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