30 November 2014

This Is Why We Get Terms Like Rape-Rape

Shia LeBeouf's rape...

I know what murder is.

I know what robbery is.

I am losing what rape means.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that unless there's express written consent, sex is rape.  Andrea Dworkin wins on a technicality?

All my life rape has included rendering the victim, through threats, intimidation, and or physical or chemical restraints; unable to resist the assault.

But sitting there and letting someone assault you is so alien and inhuman to me that I can't conjure understanding.

It probably is rape.  If she'd announced, "I am going to shoot you in the forehead," and he sat passively until she'd shot him there, it'd still be murder.  Taking his wallet would still have been theft.

What I can't comprehend is letting someone rape, steal from or murder me.  I'm going to resist in some manner.  So would everyone I've talked to.  That I might fail doesn't matter; you just don't let someone violate you.

Maybe the process of becoming a dancing monkey so breaks you that you're no longer truly human anymore.

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