16 November 2014

To The Range!

Willard's bud, Ian is in the US for a while.

Turns out he'd never shot a Garand.

Can't think of a better excuse to go shooting!

Because the op-rod can be bended by commercial ammo I was nervous about the gallon zip-locks full of "Yugo" .30-06 soft points.

They shot gentle in the 03A3, so when Marv wanted the M1 experience we loaded up a couple clips.  Light loads wouldn't cycle the first two rounds per clip.  They would eject, but not grab the next round.  Rounds three to eight ran fine.

Greek surplus M2 ball ran fine before and after the Yugo... so...  Hey, free ammo!  Can't complain too much.

Everyone got a try on the Springfield and I confirmed that the magazine cut-off worked.

Ran a few rounds through Willard's No. 5 Mk I Jungle Carbine.  The rubber pad seems to focus the recoil rather than absorb it because it's much smaller than the standard butt.

Tried ZQ1 M80 NATO in the FAL.  First couple shots refuse to eject in typical undergassed fashion.  Two clicks more gas and it ran fine.  Finally shot my novelty Zombie Ammo.  Jasmine really likes the 168gr from Hornady; might have to get more of that.  Let Marv try her out with the ZQ1 and it starts choking again.  Another click of gas and back to normal.  Jasmine has run fine on MagTech and PMC and some corrosive surplus crap without touching the gas.  I think ZQ1 is the problem here.

Marv even drug out his 6.8.  We discovered it makes excellent groups with the XM6.8 85gr stuff Willard found, and it dislikes Remington 115gr.

Loads of fun!  Marv even hung around and played some dominoes with The Lovely Harvey and me.

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