10 November 2014

Subtle Starfighter Tweaking

The F-104 is an included NPC plane in Strike Fighters 2.  The CF-104A and F-104G are part of SF2 Europe and the F-104 and F-104C are part of a DLC.

In days of yore, there was an F-104 that came with SF1.

Through INI editing, you could place a cockpit in the plane's folder and make it a flyable plane.

Which worked, but there were some small issues.  Not least of which was the wings roots were visible and not connected to anything.  Plus the late F-104C has a refueling probe that was invisible from the cockpit.

Turns out the issue was solved with extra INI editing.  You had to extract the data.ini file from the games .cat and .dlc files then change the "ShowFromCockpit=FALSE" to "ShowFromCockpit=TRUE" for both the nose and the fuselage.

While this makes the fuselage appear in the mirrors, it also left a double canopy frame visible.

Changing the nose back to false hides the probe, but lets the wings be attached.

It turns out that the old data in the cockpit ini file from SF1 puts the cockpit in the wrong place!  Too high and too far to the rear.

So I changed it.

A little hard to see.  This also has the effect of letting the cockpit model cover the "nose" model so I could have the probe be visible again.

As I said, it's subtle...

With cockpit in original position (before making any changes):

Cockpit in original position after making the fuselage visible.


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