02 June 2017


Five hundred three.

What's significant about that number you ask?

That's the average fuel burn rate of a Gulfstream G650, in gallons per hour.

It is about 3,300 nautical miles from Bel Aire, California to Paris, France.

That's around 8 hours in the air, or just over 4,000 gallons of Jet-A.

Assuming that I fill up The Precious once a week with a full 18 gallons of premium...  It would take me 4 years 3 months to consume as much fuel as this plane... one way.  8 and a half years for the round trip.

My gas guzzler Corvette also doesn't spit out its emissions at 51,000' MSL, meaning my pollution does less damage.

Mr Musk, I will start taking this crisis seriously when you do.

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