02 June 2017

Never Heard Of It

The news headline on Facebook tells me that Netflix is cancelling a sci-fi series by the Wachowskis.

Sense8 was its name.

EVERY article linked from that headline talks about the diversity of the cast and crew and story.

Wanna know what they aren't talking about?  The content of the story and the plot.

You get the impression that the raison d'être of the show wasn't to entertain, but to virtue signal and preach.

While Nexflix doesn't discuss ratings, it seems pretty clear that only a devoted and small group was actually watching it.

The fact that I'd never heard of the show, despite actively casting for science fiction entertainment, probably speaks volumes towards its wider appeal.

I'll bet there's a distinct lack of piracy of the show as well.  Isn't odd that we live in a world where someone stealing your product is better treated as a loss leader than a crime?  No piracy demand, no buzz.

I also note that the articles that show a picture of the cast from the show look more like a pic of a crime drama or police procedural than something science fictiony.


  1. Besides the first Matrix film, what else have they done that was even remotely watchable.

    Maybe Night Shyamalan has a better record than that, yet his name is synonymous with box office poison.

    1. Look up "Bound", it's very interesting.


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