03 June 2017

A Hard Won Title

Watching Trainspotting again.

"The Worst Toilet In Scotland"

That, dear readers, is a title that is hard won.

It's not something that happens by accident, you've got to earn it.


  1. I believe there is going to be a "20 years later" sequel. Are you going to see it?

    1. Soon as it hits home video!

    2. Oh dear me! That has me in stitches. Reminds me of the first time my newly minted wife and I went on a delayed "honeymoon" to Ireland. Drove all over (pre bypass highways) and at one point in the middle of a grey day on the Dingle peninsula, wife says "gotta go"... "now!". So we stop at a lookout point that has a conveniently provided stone building marked "toilets" and I wait while she does her thing. Not 20 seconds go by when she appears running like the devil is after her and crying (frustration). Through sobs I get the picture of a wet stone floor, a very dirty toilet bowl (ceramic) and NOTHING else, no seat, no paper, no water, no lighting other than the vent hole and probably not cleaned since the vikings last raided. We broke a few speed regs getting to the next hotel. So there, perhaps the worst toilet in Ireland had been identified. Then we can discuss the 10p pay toilets of the UK.... fun times.


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