03 June 2017

That Was Kind Of The Point

A while ago, back when being a king or queen meant near unlimited power to govern or rule... The United States came into being with a rather radical idea about how to decide whom would govern and how they would do so.

It was decidedly different way of doing things and many nations since then have emulated the experiment.

Emulated, but not duplicated.

This is why they become confused when they bump into the finer points of how our system works.

When they send their executive out to sign a treaty, they've got the full authority to do so and their nation is now bound by that treaty's terms.

They often lack the ratification process required by our Constitution and are baffled that our head of state is actually only signing a, "I promise to give this to our Senate," not, "we're fully committed."

What makes our "exit" from the Paris Accords interesting is President Obama, after agreeing to it, never actually submitted the thing to Congress.

We never even started more than the most preliminary steps to begin the process of entering into a treaty.

Because Congress never received anything to vote on, then The President, whomever they are at the time, can freely withdraw from any agreement to agree.

As loathe as I am to point out when an opponent is making an error, it occurs that if President Obama was serious about that "treaty" he'd have gotten his butt in gear and submitted it to The Senate for ratification.

Or did he realize that it would never have gotten 2/3 of the Senate to agree to an economy crippling agreement such as Paris when the national economy was already staggering from blows already delivered from 8 years of his governance.

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  1. BO knew it wasn't going to fly, but he hoped Hildabeast would push it through... Oopsie...


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