04 June 2017

Mostly Beer Can

Doing some reading up on scandium.

Turns out the "scandium" frame S&W revolvers are really a scandium-aluminum alloy.

That's a whopping 0.1% to 0.5% scandium by weight.

But it really does magical things to the mechanical properties of the alloy!



  1. Hey, a major company is arguing you should switch to them because they are only 1% behind their competitor... so hey, a revolver frame that is pure Aluminum instead of 0.5% Scandium should be good enough, right??? :-)

    1. Pure aluminum would be a bad plan.

      Just like using pure iron would be a foolish material for the barrel.

  2. I remember reading when they came out that scandium cost, like, $7000/lb or something and so it was fortunate that only a salting was required to up the tensile strength of the aluminum alloy.


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