04 June 2017

Real Religion Of Peace

If a religion really espouses an ideal of peace, then it's most radical adherents will be the most peaceful, not the least.

Just sayin'.

I don't think I've ever seen the words Anabaptist suicide bomber before I typed them just now.


  1. Like a lot of things... the more a group has to loudly and repeatedly claim to be something, the less likely it is to be actually true...

  2. Or those Amish Drive By Shootings from that playground joke of yore....

  3. Are you familiar at all with the Japanese sohei? Buddhist monks...and some of the baddest warriors in all Japan. They and their monasteries gave the three men who unified Japan all the fighting they wanted. I can picture them, screaming into battle: "Blood and souls for the Lord Buddha! Skulls for the Compassionate Buddha's skull throne!"

    1. Not every sect of Buddhism is non-violent and vegetarian. That's important to remember.

      I have a book on Japan with a photo of one of those warrior monks. Dude looks bad ass with his naginata!


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