09 April 2015

Long Climb To Get Back On The Horse

I am not proud of the previous post.

Two someones poked sticks into my cage at Facebook and I reverted to an angry child.

Fucking stupid on my part.

The rage was really induced by the lead in to what they were berating me, "[Popular Blogger] says you're wrong, [insult]."

The hurt was really, "But [Popular Blogger] is my friend they wouldn't sic their flying monkeys on me like that.  <small voice> Would they?"

[Popular Blogger] didn't sic any flying monkeys on me, the uncivilized things took it upon themselves to confront my wrongness.  Then I responded like a spoiled three year old.

The shit spewing forth almost definitely splashed on [Popular Blogger] and I apologize for my behavior to them.

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