23 October 2015


Bureau of Land Management.  Founded in 1946.

Black Lives Matter.  Founded in 2013 as a Twitter hashtag.

When you use the same initials that have been in place for almost seventy years to refer to something that's not even two on Twitter...

BLM means Bureau of Land Management.  Got there first, has a bigger budget, codified by law no less.

But for some reason I'm the one who needs educated?

I know you're pissed that Black Lives Matter are racists shit bags targeting your former occupation but you're lashing out at the wrong target.

I think you're too isolated from the rest of us to see what a fool your making of yourself now and also don't see how racist so many of the Cops Lives Matter posts have been against blacks.

Those posts are fueling the conflict, not defusing it.

Perhaps if cops were PEACE officers instead of Chekist Law Enforcement Officers, you'd see why the Cops Lives Matter people you're associating yourself with are simply mirroring.


Even if we discount the racists supporting Cops Lives Matter, we're still left with the mindset that breeds "professional" organizations like The Florida Sheriff's Association; wherein it's all about their needs, wants and safety and to hell with the people they're supposed to be serving.

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