13 October 2015

Zoom And Enhance

It appears that I'm the only one who caught the images being zoomed and enhanced in Bladerunner were holograms.

It's actually possible to do what's shown with a hologram and why would you believe that the insane resolution wasn't normal by the time the film is set given all of the other miraculous technology depicted?

By the time the film is set...

Four years from now.

Off world colonies and flying cars better get a move on.

I sometimes wonder, because every film with flying cars lacks smart phones if it's merely that we focused our energy in the wrong direction.

"Sorry about the flying cars, Son, here's an iPhone!"

1 comment:

  1. Crashing your smartphone is a bit less of a health and insurance hassle than crashing your skycar.

    I still want my laserguns, all the plinking I could want paid for by the kilowatt hour.


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