29 October 2015

Someone Doesn't Know Jack

According to the US Department of Energy, my pumpkin causes global warmering.

So it decomposes into methane.  Methane... what can we use that for?  I mean it burns, why isn't the DoE capturing this "dangerous greenhouse gas" to use for energy?  Because Government is the real reason.  A secondary reason is the amount of methane produced is not commercially viable.  One thing we did at the water company was to sell equipment that took care of the stench from wastewater treatment plants.  The same stuff is also used on landfills.

The amount of methane captured and burned off would heat a house for a day every month when we'd burn off the capture.  All of the decomposition from an entire town of 1,000 people generates enough methane to keep one family warm for a day a month.  Good thing I live in Florida, huh?

If there was a useful amount of methane (useful can also be translated to mean significant) released by waste treatment, someone would be capturing it and selling it.

All of this assumes that I believe that the annual carving of gourds and their decomposition is actually contributing to something that has been so politicized.

Always remember IPCC is InterGOVERNMENTAL Panel on Climate Change.  Not International Scientific Panel...

You'd have to believe that adding government makes a problem better.  After all there's the shining successes of the war on drugs, war on poverty, the excellent schools from the Department of Education, the free electricity from the Department of Energy, the streamlined efficiency of the Department of Transportation, the immigrant free cities provided by the Department of Homeland Security...  And on and on...

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