05 October 2015

Made In The USA

Phoenix Arms Raven 25!

Top of the line of post-68 made in the USA .25 ACP handguns!

I appears to be unfired!

Six plus one shots of chrome plated faux ivory gripped terror!

By the way, this thing weighs a whole pound loaded.  It's officially the heaviest .25 I've ever owned.

As an aside, why is it illegal to trade in the merely endangered ivory of the elephant but perfectly acceptable to trade in the ivory of the extinct faux?

And is the faux related to the nauga?


  1. "faux ivory gripped"

    I believe that is not faux ivory, but rather mother of toilet seat.

    1. It _IS_ a shitty little gun, so that's SO appropriate.

      Frighteningly, it's leaps and bounds better than the RG Industries RG42.


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