23 October 2015

Wait A Second...

I'd like to support Ben Carson's candidacy, but I remembered that I was a racist who only voted against Obama because he was black.

Wait a second...

I'm NOT a racist.

I guess I'll have to listen to what he's got to say on policy and then decide if I want to vote for him, or not.

Paying attention and thinking are hard sometimes.  But not as hard as the ossification to your thinking as being a racist is.

PS:  For the record, I voted against Obama (twice!) because too many people have been murdered by the machine that socialists always build.  A machine his administration is demonstrably assembling.

1 comment:

  1. My Mother-in-Law said "We'll never elect another black President again!"

    Larry Correia said (Paraphrased) about Marko Rubio and Ted Cruz, that only Democrats play identity politics, and the tricks they play don't work for the Republican side.

    The Democrats voted for Obama BECAUSE he was black, the others voted AGAINST him because he wasn't qualified for the job.

    So nope, they think you're racist because they are so racist they don't think there is any other way to look at the world.


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