03 October 2015


Something that may have just connected...

I'm an atheist.  (How can you tell someone is an atheist?  Just wait, they'll tell you.)  I don't think there's a God.  Full stop.

I could get all haughty and mock those who do believe there is a God (or Gods).

To what end?

What good comes of it?

But the connection that just clicked is many atheists demanding "freedom from religion".  The demand is that they never, ever encounter any expression of Belief anywhere.  The tools they use to achieve this goal are generally familiar, and are also used by those seeking tyranny or fascism.  Gee, guys, can you think of any reason I'm suspicious of your motives?

But, here in America, we have this freedom of religion thing and it's in the same amendment as that free speech thing.

Because someone can say whatever they'd like, I'm going to be subject to hearing or reading it from time to time.  Because someone can worship as they like, I'm going to be subject to seeing or hearing about it from time to time.

As long as they're not forcing me to worship as they do, my rights are not violated by their worship or advocacy.  They can even proselytize at me, as long as they have to take no for an answer and leave me alone after that.

Crosses on hills and in cemeteries don't worry me.  Not while we're blithely ignoring religions that will demand I convert and worship as they do or suffer a punishment.  A punishment that may include killing me.

Jehova's Witnesses at the door are small beer compared to convert or die, no?

I'd also like to mention that I've seen an atheist meme quoting some dancing monkey atheist who says no God ever came out to help in a disaster, just people.  While that is true, what it misses is how many religious organizations contribute to disaster relief and don't even demand a thank you, let alone conversion to their sect.  The ones that do stand out in their exception.

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  1. I make the distinction between atheists and anti-theists.

    I'm cool withe the former.

    The latter have made "No religion for anyone!" into their religion, and I wish they'd either STFU or FOAD.


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