07 October 2015

Finished With Frog Lube.

I used FrogLube to clean up my N Pieper model 1909 when I got it last year in June.

I took it out yesterday when I was rearranging the shelf in the gun cabinet to make room for the Raven 25.  With the AD fresh in my mind I pulled back on the slide to check the chamber and it didn't want to move.

It took a LOT of effort to open the slide and get the magazine to drop.

So I took it apart to see if I could figure out why.


Froglube turns into molasses if you let it sit on the gun.  The little Pieper was near locked up solid from it.

A little Shooter's Choice solvent and a bit of LSA to grease it up and everything is working correctly again.

You don't know if something works until someone tries it, that's why I bought the FrogLube in the first place.  Short term, it seems to work great.  Long term it's no longer an L, but the P seems to work.


  1. It would appear that the best use for FrogLube would be on firearms that are both cleaned regularly and often used in damp environments.

    Any guess how long it took the FrogLube to thicken like that?

    1. June 2014 to October 2015 is the time frame we're looking at.


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