05 October 2015

Super Broke

Willard attempted to take delivery of a Super B in 9x19mm today.

It did not go as well as hoped.

The first sign of problems was the crack running from just behind the magazine release cut out on the right side into the stock cut-out.

Then it wouldn't come apart.  The release didn't want to swing and then the slide didn't want to come forward once the release was pivoted.

Discovered the culprit was the magazine disconnect.  Split in half!

It's retained in much the same way as a 1911 magazine release, and it was very fiddly getting the halves lined up to get the retainer to rotate.  Then the half stuck in the hole didn't want to come out.

Like many other disconnectors if it's simply removed, the gun doesn't work any more.  This also is the detent that holds the disassembly latch in the assembled position.

AIM is being good about it, and sending an RMA to the gun shop to exchange it for a different one.

Ironically, Willard paid the extra money for hand select.  Makes you wonder what the other four looked like since AIM does the best of five in hand picking.

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  1. I've always been skeptical about AIM's "hand select". Seems like just gravy for them.


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