16 October 2015

Isn't That Odd

Javascript is why your browser slams into a brick wall on some sites.

Good news!  There's probably a plug-in or extension that lets you control which javascripts run.

For Firefox I like NoScript.

Recently I'd found myself favoring Firefox simply because NoScript was there and keeping all manner of pop-up, flashing ads and resource consuming reloads from occurring.

In general, though, I prefer Chrome for browsing; especially since I've ceded my privacy to Google and let it synchronize to all my devices.

FuuzyGeff recommended Safescript last night and it works much like NoScript.  WIN!  But for some odd reason it breaks Google for being a search engine.  You get a second of https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl then the "aw snap!" failure page.  Every once an a while, it just works fine for who knows why...

Bing exhibits no failures under Safescript...  Go figure.

PS: nuking the file/image cache is supposed to cure it.

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