28 October 2015

Why Bubba Why

I know where there's a M-1898 Krag rifle.  Cut down to carbine length and with a new front sight.  The stock also has a pistol grip added, by cutting a square slot into the original stock and inserting the grip.

They want $175 for it.  Unmolested it would be worth a lot more.

At a different pawn shop is an Ishapore 2A1.  The barrel is stock length, but they cut the wood down just past the rear barrel band, with a hand saw.  The metal has been "polished" with what looks like a grinding tip for porting heads.

$140 and it's yours!  Admittedly, the 2A1 isn't worth a lot unmolested, but still... more than $140.

Over and over these old surplus guns are hacked on by Bubba.

Yet I have seen many modified by people who knew what they were doing.  Krags done well are still holding $500 or more in value on Gunbroker.


  1. Florida Man... I mean, Florida garage gunsmith?

    1. Guns devalued while you wait, take a number.


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