23 October 2015

Twas A Good Fight

It seems that The Florida Sheriff's Association, chaired by the anti-gun sheriff of Pinellas county will be opposing the open carry bill.

Since the Florida House of Representatives only seems to represent the Sheriff's Association, we're going to get screwed once it hits the floor.

It's getting to be a familiar pattern for gun rights.

The FSA opposes any loosening of gun laws, no matter what it is.  Normally on the grounds that it will cause them to actually work for a fucking living.

The people I don't hear complaining are rank and file cops and deputies.  They're closer to the problem children and see that the people this law is for aren't the people the FSA is claiming they're worried about.

Still...  The Sheriff is an elected official.  The house and senate are elected bodies.  To listen to elected officials and ignoring the voters is bypassing the intent of the constitution.  To lobby the state to avert the will of the people surely exceeds the scope of the office of sheriff as well.

But I appear to be the only one who complains in those terms.


  1. Yeah, the NS Sheriffs Ass'n is just as bad...opposed getting rid of the Jim Crow era pistol purchase permit here. (one of the reasons I got my CCW was so I wouldn't have to get a pistol purchase permit every time I wanted to get a new gun)

    1. grr... NC Sheriffs Ass'n, rather...

  2. A side benefit of the Florida CCW is to bypass the state waiting period for handguns and county waiting periods for long guns. Not all counties in Florida did the optional long gun wait.


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