19 October 2015

Living Peaceably

Civilized people can't get on peacefully with good living as long as these nuts are out there with their guns.  Period.  All of you need to be forcibly disarmed.  Carl Ostendarp, Professor at Cornell.

Actually, Carl, your absolute best chance at living peacefully with us is to let us the Hell alone.

You're actually living peacefully with us now.

Confiscation will rip the wheels right off.

When those wheels are off, there's a lot of otherwise peaceable gun owners who've got lists.

Lists of names, Carl.

Targets of opportunity they are sometimes called.

Because when the wheels are off, the main focus is almost certainly going to be shooting cops.

I think I mentioned a time or two just how perfectly the confiscations have to go for the government to win.  The numbers don't favor the government.

They have to eliminate (kill, arrest or get compliance) something like six gun owners without losing a single officer, agent or soldier.  That assumes that they get all of the cops and soldiers to play ball and forcibly disarm us.

When it comes down to submit or die, lots of us are going to submit.  Openly and loudly.  At least to all appearances.

How many guns do we have?  Did you get them all?  ARE YOU SURE?!?!

I mentioned lists.

Do you think, Professor Ostendarp, that someone who's just been "forcibly disarmed", but managed to retain a gun or two might remember you?  Do you think you're safer before or after this person is "disarmed"?

Not "feel safer" but actually in less danger.

A clue for everyone who's advocating "forcible disarmament" should be how we gunnies reacted to the DC beltway sniper attacks.  We all marveled at the astonishingly SHORT ranges.  Like we all could readily have repeated the shots from much farther away...


You could let the sleeping dog lie.

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