16 October 2015

Uh Oh

Say Uncle brings us this story.

I notice that the AR's in question are all equipped with suppressors.

"How could those idiots not know?" I asked.

So I hit Bing up for "how to make a silencer".

Lots of how-to.  Most mention checking the legality, but a frightening number don't mention it until the very end.

ATF is quite clear about making and selling suppressors even if the how-to guides aren't.  Maybe I've been around guns too long for it to have never occurred to me to check those laws before starting construction.

Also, the resale of guns you've made yourself seems to baffle many persons.  There's a world of difference between assembling a working gun on a serialed part you bought (like an AR lower) and a part you made yourself when it comes to selling them.

ATF is a bit vague about what you need do to allow the sale of a serialed part you made yourself with answers ranging from you need a full-on manufacturing FFL to "just stamp it with your name, city state and a serial number and you're good."

The lowers in the pic look a lot like plastic 80%'ers I saw a while back.  They definitely don't have the required information in either of the traditional spots.

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