11 October 2015

If You Have A Corvette

Do not purchase anything from a company called Colorado Speed.  No link for pricks.

There's a part that's a common mod for LS engines, an oil catch can that goes inline with the PCV system that recovers oil blow-by.

Colorado Speed offers just about every brand that's made.  This would be a good thing, but...

Their web page merely copy-pastes the ad-copy of the manufacturer and the manufacturers are not very good at providing datums you can use to compare and contrast before making an informed buying decision.

They are also a vendor who spends most of their ad money buying supporting vendor memberships on Vette forums.

This is where it goes off the wheels.

I foolishly asked what differentiated the various choices.

I was told, "Those who actually read the post, they buy because they can read."

No, you fucking pricks, I read it and saw it wasn't anything I couldn't get from the manufacturer's web page.  In fact, I also read that your prices are exactly MSRP, so why would I want to buy from you?

I'm not getting a better price than buying straight from the maker.  I'm not getting any customer service in the form of guidance.  I am being told I have poor reading comprehension, and for FREE!

In short, they don't want my money, and I don't think they want your money either.

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