07 October 2015

Training Downfall

Sitting here on the sidelines and reading about it...

Once someone has been to about three big name, reputable classes...

Suddenly if you've never been, you might as well just shoot yourself since without TRAINING® you're dead anyways.  Except you'd fail to shoot yourself properly because you don't have TRAINING®.

It's a pattern.

It's a bit of a tiresome pattern, really, because along with the I'VE BEEN TO TRAINING® T-Shirt comes the name-dropping TRAINED® BY NAME AT PLACE® with nearly no information of what was taught or why, unless you count TRAINING® MANDATORY as both what and why.

After a bit you notice they start dressing alike...  Using the same gun, but not that readily available gun unless it's been to NAME GUNSMITHING® to be heavily worked over to this years fashion in DPI or stipple pattern and brand of sights.

Reminds one of hipsters right quick it does.


I am not referring to anyone in the sidebar.  Just in case you were wondering.

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