26 October 2015


Made a fire in our firepit out back.

What made this one unusual is we didn't use any gasoline!

Just a few pages of news paper crumpled into balls.  Took some of the split logs we have around just for fires and split them further.

Made a teepee around the paper and lit the paper in a couple of spots.

Took off like it didn't know better.

Added larger wood later.

This simple task seems like a major accomplishment for me because I normally don't get a cheery bonfire.  I get a smoldering smoke generator.

We also got a section of log to make splitting wood easier on the ax.  Marv found it laying on the side of the road.  It took both of us to get it into his truck.  We're getting old.  I'll add a pic of the log tomorrow.

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  1. I don't mind getting older. As my late father once told me " the alternative to your aches and pains is much less attractive!"


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